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Veggie Script Program

The Veggie Scripts program is an innovative approach to helping individuals struggling with healthcare issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity access the tools needed to live a healthier lifestyle.  Participants of local health centers receive nutrition education along with a "prescription" signed by their provider that they can redeem at our produce stand.

Veterans Engagement

The Veterans Program is our first therapeutic gardening program for veterans in Philadelphia.  In partnership with the Philadelphia Veterans Administration Clinic, veterans can gather in a safe, therapeutic environment and allow nature and the farm to be a healing presence in their lives. Together they assist in farm activities, gather to share thoughts and ideas, break bread together, learn, and, most importantly, just be!

Summer Camp

Sanctuary Farm partnered with Project HOME's Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Lab's Summer Camp Program to offer gardening classes to K through 7th graders.  Among the topics the children learned about were germination, plant requirements,  composting, beneficial insects, and pollination.  

Gardening Classes

In partnership with the Friends of the Free Library, Sanctuary Farm will offer a FREE 4-part series beginning gardening class to learn how to grow your own vegetables.

Topics for the class include:​

  • Basics for what your plants need to grow

  • soil, water, light, nutrients

  • Raised bed gardening/container gardening

  • Getting the most out of a small urban plot

  • Seasonal planting - what to grow, when

  • Common pests and diseases and organic methods for control

Programming Calendar

Educational Programming

We strive to connect people with the natural world through educational programs for adults and children of all ages, hands-on activities, and immersive experiences.

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