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About Us

Sanctuary Farm uses horticulture to combat food insecurity and fill vacancies with vibrance!

Sanctuary Farm was envisioned in early 2016 by founder, Andrea Vettori. As the clinical director for Mary Howard Health Center for the Homeless, Andrea has had extensive experience with people facing homelessness and housing insecurity. As an avid gardener and beekeeper, Andrea has also experienced the healing potential of working directly with the earth through plants. With the help of neighbors, volunteers, and other non profit partnerships, Sanctuary Farm "broke ground" on empty lot in North Philadelphia in May 2017.​

Since it opened it 2017, Sanctuary Farm has planted, grown, and harvested over 17,300 pounds of fresh produce. The produce has been distributed to over 700 families in the community, free of charge. Sanctuary Farm believes strongly in the transformative power of nature to provide opportunities for neighbors to work together to create a space of beauty, safety, and healing for those in need.


Our Mission

Volunteer with us or become an employee at Sanctuary Farm.

Sanctuary Farm seeks to address the health inequities resulting from systemic racial oppression and economic injustice by converting abandoned and neglected areas in our community into spaces that promote safety, hospitality, nutrition, and growth.

Our Vision

An urban farm that inspires and supports those experiencing health inequities to access their potential to achieve their life goals.


Meet Our Team

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