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We created a thriving space of connection within this local community.  At Sanctuary Farm, we are connected to each other through meaningful work, seasonal festivities, and social activities.


We gladly accept volunteers to help us in our mission of providing healthy food accessible to all.  Volunteer hours vary depending on the season. Volunteer activities include assisting at the produce stand, planting, general care and maintenance of the plants such as watering and weeding, harvesting, raking, moving mulch, and more. 

Group volunteer opportunities are available by schedule.  Please contact us directly to arrange.   

If you would like to volunteer in a more professional capacity and have documented expertise in nutrition, education, or  behavioral health, please contact us directly.

Employment Opportunities

In keeping with the mission of Sanctuary Farm, we seek to provide employment opportunities for individuals transitioning through homelessness and other life challenges.  We also provide summer internship opportunities for high school students to help them learn the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Working with Sanctuary Farm provides the opportunity to earn income while developing the skills to secure long-term employment.

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