Urban Farming in North Philly

Sanctuary Farm is an Urban Farm in North Philadelphia offering fresh, organically grown produce and programs aimed at improving the health of the community and its residents.

Sanctuary Farm seeks to address the health inequities resulting from systemic racial oppression and economic injustice by converting abandoned and neglected areas in our community into spaces that promote safety, hospitality, nutrition, and growth.

Fresh Produce

We are proud to provide organic vegetables grown right in the community for all to enjoy.  

The farm stand is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from March - December and only on Tuesdays 11-2 from Jan-Feb at 22nd and Cecil B. Moore.​

Educational Programming

We strive to connect people with the natural world through educational programs for adults and children of all ages, hands-on activities, and immersive experiences.


We are creating a thriving space of connection within this local community.  At Sanctuary Farm, we are linked to each other through meaningful work, seasonal festivities, and social activities.

We have employment and volunteer opportunities available to help Sanctuary Farm continue to grow.